Thursday, May 27, 2010

27 May 2010

Odd, for me, I know. But I'm designing some icons for my sister's non-profit organization, "The Tipping Bucket".
We've got:
"founders circle"
"first 100 donators"
"first 1000 donators"
"the first drop"
"the last drop"
"the educator" (someone who donates to 5 educational charities)
"the doctor" (someone who donates to 5 medical charities)
the one with the band-aid is for the donators who were overcharged in the beginning while the kinks were still being worked out.

Any suggestions, friends?


  1. Those are soo cute! That's cool that you are doing that.

  2. That's cool Em! I like it- and I think that the idea comes across well.