Wednesday, May 26, 2010

26 May 2010

Help! The background looks terrible...


  1. define a few of those leaves with crisp edges in the foreground. and desaturate and lighten the blues in the background. i don't mind the looseness but make your foreground leaves just as interesting as your characters.

    I like the colors a lot in this. i want to do a painting now too! :-)

  2. Just use some strong colors to intensify the focal poinT in the foreground !! don't even try to intense the background color

  3. Another option, is to darken the far background. Your traveler is light and bright, so the jungle could be darker, especially right behind his head. It'd really make him pop. I could also hide the monkey's a bit so that when the viewer finds them, they can be just as surprised as the explorer.