Friday, September 23, 2011


Here we have some initial "shots-in-the-dark" for a new project. She is a singer (hope that's obvious...) and wanted a club singer at an old microphone feel. Feedback?


  1. the first one and the third one are my favorites. For the third singer, I wish she was a little more complex in her body. Maybe a little curvier in her bust and shoulders, or maybe a little contrapasto(sp?) because the gesture from the neck up is so great her body feels a little flat and lifeless. I really love the play of light in the first one. I think the second one has more potential for expressive/flirty details. Maybe it's that her neck is straight up and down on that one. Super fun, Emily! Bravo illustrating Mama! :)

  2. Fun! I love the black dress on the black background. The lost and found is intriguing to look at.