Monday, May 11, 2009

what's coming to you...

I have heard tid-bits about this lately and decided it was time for some musing...
People (I use this general term to describe the average, middle class American) seem to be realizing within themselves a feeling of entitlement. They believe, in this time of "economic turmoil" that they deserve to be taken care of; that is what America does; that is what America is. I think it may have been an unseen weed growing along side the American Dream. Sprouting quietly in the pot with the philosophy of 'you-get-out-what-you-put-in', people seem to have developed an allergy to work. We feel that as an American, we deserve to be taken care of; we don't have to put in any more. Wherever the roots, this creed it becoming more and more prominent. But we seem to feel we deserve to sit back and aim our suction-cup guns at whatever scapegoat pops out of the hole. I found myself entertaining the whim of how nice it would be to have a rich uncle die and leave me everything. 
It is my belief that this life is meant to be trying. It is meant to push us beyond what is comfortable; and often what seems bearable. But I know that this life is meant to be good. The picture is beautiful, though you may need to take a few steps back. 


  1. Emily Emily I didn't know you had a blog!! I'm so excited! I showed my younger sister Kaely your website a couple days ago - She's an aspiring young artist. :) And she wanted me to let you know that you're "really really good." Love you! <3

  2. "All I want is what I have coming to me. All I want is my fair share!"
    So true, dear. And I really like the idea of entitlement sprouting like a weed next to the American Dream. Talked abou tthis in my assessment class next year--about how Americans have a higher entitlement index than even Russians did during the communist era (and that's with a government that actually TOLD them they were entitled to everything.)
    I believe there are also generational issues at work here. The generation that is "running" most of America right now are Baby-boomers. They're hte generation that came of age during the economic boom following WWII. They had known nothing of the scarcity of the depression, little of the sacrifice of wartime. Having experienced so much pain themselves, their parents wanted to give them everything--their country wanted to give htem everything. And they grew up believing that life and everything in it was put in motion to bring them good things. I think they sort of saw it as a reward for all that America had been through.
    What's also interesting though, is how entitlements shows up differently in different generations. Generation X has a bit more cynical approach--no one is going to give me anything, so I better look after myself first and foremost. And the Milennial generation (that's you, love--well, me too, but barely) has this weird amalgamation of idealistic commitment to making the world a better place, to teamwork and to accountability...and then this profound selfishness and resistance to hard work (not to mention an almost fatal allergy to any kind of criticism or failure) :)
    Wheat and tares, I guess.
    Anyway, really intersting thoughts, sweetheart!