Monday, May 4, 2009

Arabian Knight

This one is a drawing of the camel and arab for a painting I'm doing. 

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  1. That is so cool Emily!!! Please tell me you had reference?! If not, you really know your camels. ;) what's even crazier to me is that it looks like you sketched it in ink no less, correct? I'm working on building up my sketchbook out here because it helps pass the time and I hope that some of the sketches will act as confidence boosters later. I've started in ink and its kind of fun. I'm still getting rather furry drawings but that's ok. I like most of them so far. ;) I can't wait to see him in color! Is the painting going to be just him or is he going to be in an environment too created using your new perspective tools? ;) How did you decide to do characters of the world? Was it an apostrophe or an epiphany? :)